The Palliative Pulse, November 2018

Dr. Jay Bhatt of the American Hospital Association (AHA) discusses the importance of incorporating palliative care within the health ecosystem, wherever individuals are within the continuum. read more

Read along as Stacie Sinclair, CAPC's Senior Policy Manager and Co-Chair of the NCP Writing Workgroup, reflects on a powerful moment during the development of the National Consensus Project (NCP) Clinical Practice Guidelines for Quality Palliative Care, 4th edition. read more

In this Program Spotlight, Mary Alfano-Torres, MD, Medical Director of Chapters Health in Florida, discusses her program’s significant growth, which took a lot of time and patience. The growth—from 35-50 to 150 patients per month—included gathering specific data for each stakeholder, relationship building, implementation of screening tools, and more. Listen along as Dr. Alfano-Torres … read more