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February 13, 2019

On January 17, 2019, the Palliative Care and Hospice Education and Training Act (PCHETA) (HR 647) was reintroduced in the House of Representatives. By amending the Public Health Service Act, the bill aims to establish and expand palliative care workforce training for the entire … read more

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February 12, 2019

As we celebrate CAPC’s 20th anniversary, we can reflect on the field’s success in expanding access to palliative care nationwide. It has seen rapid growth over those two decades, particularly in hospitals, but increasingly in community-based settings, as well. We also acknowledge that millions of Americans who need palliative care still don’t get it. How […] read more

February 4, 2019

The field of Hospice and Palliative Medicine (HPM) faces a critical workforce shortage, despite a growth in accredited fellowship positions. Dr. Laura Dingfield describes how the University of Pennsylvania has created a part-time, competency-based, time-variable fellowship program (in partnership with ACGME and ABIM) to help mid-career physicians with an interest in advanced training, enter … read more

January 29, 2019

In this Program Spotlight, Dr. Carl Robert Grey of Wake Forest Baptist Health, discusses the challenges and opportunities that he faces after joining an existing program, embracing new ideas and innovations, leadership, team culture, work/life balance, and mentorship. read more

January 23, 2019

As we enter CAPC's 20th anniversary year, Dr. Diane E Meier celebrates how very far we’ve come as a field, and challenges everyone to double down on ensuring access to high quality palliative care, everywhere that people need it. read more

January 4, 2019

Happy New Year from the CAPC team! To kick off 2019, we're excited to announce the most read blog posts of 2018. read more