Palliative Care Program Spotlight: Starting a Program with Home Hospice of Grayson County

Interview by Dan Altano

Building, growing, and sustaining a palliative care program in a community setting is always met with ongoing challenges throughout the Home Hospice Grayson County - CAPC blogprocess. In the most recent episode of the Palliative Care Program Spotlight, we hear from Nancy Jackson, Director of Community Development for Home Hospice of Grayson County in Sherman, TX. Nancy has worked with a community-based hospice of 34 years, with a dedicated mission to help deliver a better quality of life to those within the community.

Nancy discusses her challenges at this point in the process, the partnerships she has formed, and what goes into an initial needs assessment when growing a community-based palliative care program. She addresses common denominators, the importance of knowing your market, and designing a business plan and payment strategies. Nancy notes the value of CAPC Membership in the growth of her program, and also talks about the model of starting small to prove value, and what will have to evolve as her team continues to grow.

Home hospice community CAPC Nancy Jackson

Nancy remains motivated by the fact that “we can make a difference for people. Health care and quality of life are extremely important . . . live the life you live.”  She hopes to keep expanding the program and continue to offer even more services necessary to sustain and grow a palliative program in the community.

For further discussion of community-based palliative care programs, register for CAPC National Seminar 2017 and the Pre-Seminar Boot Camp, a day-long exploration of how to design and develop community-based palliative care programs.


  1. Wanda Booth says:

    Home Hospice is wonderful. They made it possible to keep my husband at home. They rendered professional loving care to him and he loved each one who came. Betty Whitford, R.N. And Brittany Felder took excellent care of him. My sons and I will always be grateful for their love and support.

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