CAPC News Bites

March 25, 2015

The American Lung Association has published an excellent resource detailing how palliative care can help lung cancer patients deal with the myriad of complications that may arise. This easily-accessible tool is appropriate for dissemination by palliative care specialists or clinicians of any … read more

Health Reform Quarterly

Spring, 2015
  • Emily Warner
  • By Emily Warner, JD
    Senior Policy Analyst

Greetings, Palliative in Practice readers, from the chilly perimeter of spring. This equinox, we mark our wobbling arc around the sun with the rebirth of old things, like debate about the Sustainable Growth Rate, and a call to repeal the Affordable Care Act.  In this time of uncertainty about … read more

The Palliative Pulse, March 2015 

  • Dan Altano
  • By Dan Altano
    New Media Manager

CAPC has added new online courses to its robust curriculum designed to provide an integrated approach to palliative care skills for all frontline clinicians. Course units include Pain Management, … read more

Has this ever happened to you? After successfully leapfrogging the obstacles involved with getting your palliative care program off the ground, you suddenly find yourself with an increased need … read more

In this installment of our My Palliative Care Moment series, CAPC Member Dr. Rab Razzak, Director of Outpatient Palliative Medicine at Johns Hopkins Medicine, details a pivotal moment early in … read more