CAPC News Bites

May 20, 2015

In a new article, CAPC Director Diane Meier, MD, makes a poignant case for why palliative care is perfectly aligned with the needs of providers in the current healthcare system. Dr. Meier says that adequately measuring what matters most to seriously ill patients is essential to understanding … read more

Health Reform Quarterly

Spring, 2015
  • Emily Warner
  • By Emily Warner, JD
    Senior Policy Analyst

Greetings, Palliative in Practice readers, from the chilly perimeter of spring. This equinox, we mark our wobbling arc around the sun with the rebirth of old things, like debate about the Sustainable Growth Rate, and a call to repeal the Affordable Care Act.  In this time of uncertainty about … read more

The Palliative Pulse, April 2015 

  • Dan Altano
  • By Dan Altano
    New Media Manager

Are patients being asked the right questions when it comes to their pain? The majority of health professionals today have had little to no training in core palliative care competencies such as … read more

CAPC has released the first episode of its groundbreaking new podcast series A Quality Life featuring real-life stories from the perspectives of seriously-ill patients who are benefitting from … read more

It’s no secret: palliative care program success rests on an ability to demonstrate results. Across the country, teams are developing plans for measuring and monitoring program impact. The … read more