CAPC News Bites

January 21, 2015

CAPC Transitions to a Member-Based Organization CAPC is now a member-based organization, providing member institutions with unlimited access to a wide range of tools, training and technical assistance. Members can also take advantage of numerous  Webinars and Virtual Office Hours. As part of … read more

Health Reform Quarterly

Winter, 2014
  • Emily Warner
  • By Emily Warner, JD
    Senior Policy Analyst

Greetings, dear readers, and holiday cheer! We’ve reached once again the best time of the year: Friday. You know, ‘round this time of year, I like to play fun games of “did you know.” “Did you know,” I ask colleagues, “that Christmas is next week?” “Did you know,” I probe further, “that that’s … read more

The Palliative Pulse, December 2014 

  • Dan Altano
  • By Dan Altano
    New Media Manager

As you get ready to count down the last ten seconds of 2014, we recap ten significant palliative care stories that had an impact this year. It has been a strong and memorable year for palliative … read more

CAPC Membership Transition: Beginning on January 15, 2015, CAPC member institutions will have unlimited access to all CAPC tools, training and hands-on technical assistance. At the same time, … read more

In this installment of our My Palliative Care Moment series, Cory Ingram, MD MS FAAHPM, Practice Chair of Community Palliative Medicine at Mayo Clinic, discusses why he chose to pursue palliative … read more