The Palliative Pulse, June 2018

The palliative care field in the Philadelphia area was once very silo'd. With the creation of the Delaware Valley Palliative Care Collaborative (DVPCC), palliative care providers from different health systems now work together to bridge professional isolation and improve continuity across settings. read more

To ensure that the seriously ill have access to quality palliative care services in community settings, we’ve created the CAPC Payment Accelerator to support programs with the information and tools needed to secure sustainable financing. read more

Teresa Harvey of Transitions LifeCare in Raleigh, NC, discusses her program’s recent success of growing from 300 to 800 consults, including the steps and growing pains that came with it. read more

With recent policy changes, Medicare Advantage is moving into new territory in its ability to customize care for the needs of patients with serious illness. Learn about these changes, as well as considerations for palliative care programs. read more