Palliative Care Program Spotlight: Starting and Sustaining an Outpatient Palliative Care Program

Interview by Dan Altano

Lori Yosick, Director for Community Palliative Care at Trinity Health, is one of the country’s leading experts in palliative care. In addition to running the program at Trinity, Lori spends her time helping palliative care programs of all sizes extend their inpatient services to the outpatient setting. In this episode of the Palliative Care Program Spotlight, Lori breaks down her top tips for starting, growing, and sustaining an outpatient palliative care program, including what goes into a needs assessment.

Lori also discusses how her own missteps in starting an outpatient program taught her the valuable lesson of slowing down and planning ahead before getting started.

For help getting started, Lori recommends Course 504 in the Building Your Community Program curriculum on CAPC Central, Building the Business Plan for Your Community-Based Palliative Care Program.


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