23-year-old Aly Shares Her Story in “A Quality Life”

To help patients and their families understand the value of palliative care, CAPC has launched Season 2 of its groundbreaking new podcast series “A Quality Life.” The series features real-life stories from the perspectives of seriously-ill patients benefiting from palliative care while living with cancer, pulmonary hypertension, lupus, congestive heart failure, and many other diseases.

 Season 2, Episode 1: Aly’s Palliative Care Story

Navigating the uncertain waters of high school and college can be challenging for anyone. Imagine spending those pivotal years with a serious illness.

Twenty-three-year-old Aly Becker lives with the symptoms of multiple diagnoses, including Churg Strauss syndrome and Mast Cell disorder. In the face of chronic pain and discomfort, constant medical appointments and hospitalizations, as well as the stress that comes with giving up so much at such a young age, her goal is simple:  to live the best life possible.

This episode chronicles Aly’s life before serious illness up to present day, when she receives palliative care for her pain, stress and depression. The palliative care team helps her set goals and serves as an intermediary with her other medical specialists.

“It’s all about trying to find those ways to make your life important. And palliative care has been huge in getting me to see those parts of my life and how important they are. Palliative care has helped me to feel like I can take control back from a situation I had no control over,” says Aly in Episode 1.

Click below to listen to this episode. To learn more about Aly’s palliative care journey, click here.

Season 1 of this series can be heard here.

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