2015 was a remarkable year for CAPC. Starting with the switch to a membership model, many new accomplishments followed. A few highlights of this year include the launch of a patient podcast series, the publication of a state-by-state report card on access to palliative care, a pilot community-based boot camp at the National Seminar, the roll out of over 35 new courses on CAPC Central and the establishment of a CAPC Designation in Pain Management and Communication Skills.

2016 is already shaping up to be just as exciting. In order to achieve our mission of “Palliative Care Everywhere,” CAPC will be focused on expanding the delivery of quality palliative care outside inpatient settings. Courses, webinars and other forms of technical assistance will be developed to support the implementation of community-based palliative care programs. Community-based palliative care varies tremendously and requires partnerships across the continuum of care to effectively meet patient goals. CAPC will be conducting a needs assessment to identify the needs of the community and to better understand how to build on the strengths of existing programs and partners. In addition, CAPC added four new Palliative Care Leadership Centers (PCLCs) to address the demand for providing palliative care in community settings. Trainings for community settings will begin fall 2016.

CAPC will continue to roll out new courses in all subject settings in 2016. Recent course releases include Advanced Care Planning Conversations, Building the Business Plan for Community-Based Palliative Care and five new courses on symptom management. You can find all of these on CAPC Central. Virtual office hours, monthly small-group conference calls where members get the chance to engage one-on-one with leading subject matter experts, and webinars will continue throughout the year, addressing subjects across the palliative care spectrum.

The National Palliative Care Registry™, the only repository of operational data on palliative care programs in the nation’s hospitals, is undergoing a redesign. Scheduled to launch in February 2016, the new Registry will allow for community-based palliative care programs to enter and query their data. Through the simpler, seamless interface, all users will have access to instant tables, graphs and comparisons. The new Registry will serve as an easier point of reference for key operational metrics.

CAPC will also launch new web resources on public policy for the palliative care community, including:

  • Up-to-date information on Federal and State legislative and regulatory activities;
  • Fact sheets, issue briefs and white papers on various issues and opportunities to improve access to palliative care through policy; and
  • Key journal articles, standards documents and position statements.

Much more can be expected from CAPC in the future as we continue to strive for “Palliative Care Everywhere”.

Looking back, CAPC would not have had such an amazing year without the vibrant community of palliative care professionals involved in this work. Your dedication is appreciated. As we look forward to sharing all that is planned for 2016, we want to pause to wish you a happy and healthy new year!


  1. Marny Fetzer, MD says:

    Thank you for your leadership, CAPC!
    While I’m glad to see the organization expand beyond acute care, please still keep fresh some acute care resources. As we move into population health, many health systems want new or more robust palliative services in hospitals. Think we will see a renewed interest/need in acute care as health systems take on more risk. Best –

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